About Us

At Nutts Attitude we care about eating clean.

What do we mean by eating clean??

It is a lifestyle of enjoying all the food we like at the same time maintaining our health.

Humans by nature need to eat in-order to survive. Especially when we are hungry. We tend to over eat and over indulge ourselves during such situation. A part of us want to quench our hunger, the other part of us could not be guilty enough.

Therefore, at Nutts Attitude we want to share what we have learned the hard way. We want to balance between healthy eating at the same time still be able to enjoy the goodies of all the food available out there.

We are advocates of all kind of foods that are healthy and with lots of benefits that make us happy, young, strong and beautiful.

We believe that we are born into this world to be able to enjoy what she can give. At the same time we do not forget of giving back to her.

We would like to invite anyone who is not shy to take what is needed and not hesitate when require to give to walk, follow and grow with us in this Earth journey to become a better being.

We are nuts in many way. We want to try different ways of eating. We do things not the tradition or new way but the best way we can find. We add a little of the past and exclude some from the future to our own advantage.

Our attitude to our surroundings are: Curious, Adventures, Supportive, Interesting, Relevant, Fun, Awareness, Exciting.

All in all we are Nutts with some kind of Attitude.